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Apparently I did a something wrong when I put together my debut album Never Knew I Was Country.  

It wasn't my song choices - over half the album tracks have been finalists in various songwriting competitions.....


And it wasn't the production - Having the multi-award winning Matt Fell onboard as the producer means that the finished product is of an amazing quality!

I made the mistake putting together my album, and then trying to sell you all a finished product!   What I should have done, was crowdfund it first, and get you all to pay for it, before I'd created anything!


But - we have a way to fix this!


Thanks to the good people at Reverzible, we're running a campaign, to promote Never Knew I Was Country - and the good news?  If it's successful, I'll get to make a SECOND album!


So jump on board today, and get behind my Reverzible campaign, every little bit helps! 

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